GameDay Championship
September 14, 2017

Plan ahead for the Championship!

Here is what you can plan on happening at the 2017 GameDay Championship. Mark your calendars, set an alarm and don’t forget to tell your friends and family because this...
GameDay Championship
August 25, 2017

Team Event 1 | Championship 2017

TEAM WORKOUT 1 ALL DIVISIONS FOR TOTAL COMBINED WEIGHT: 5-Rep Deadlift Each athlete's heaviest successful 5-rep lift will be combined for a total team weight.  Just like our the first GameDay...
GameDay Championship
August 25, 2017

Indy Event 1 | Championship 2017

INDIVIDUAL WORKOUT 1 Rx Athletes FOR TIME: 400m Row 50ft Handstand Walk Scaled Athletes FOR TIME: 500m Row The 2017 GameDay Championship will start out on the rower for individuals!...
GameDay New Ulm
August 21, 2017

GameDay New Ulm is Everything It’s Hyped Up to Be – Here’s What You Missed!

What’s not to like about GameDay New Ulm!?!? The hype is in the air (or maybe that’s the smell of Tiger Balm?), athletes are revved up and ready to rumble,...