Next up in our athlete interview series is a very familiar face on the competition floor – Karla (Solum) Wolford of EHP CrossFit in Moorhead, MN.

Along with being a multi-year CrossFit Regional competitor and the most decorated athlete in GameDay Competitions history, she is also a doctor of chiropractic with numerous specializations and medical support staff for USAV Beach Volleyball and USA Weightlifting.

Karla, what made you start competing in this sport?

I have always looked for ways to push me out of my comfort zone in my life and CrossFit did just that. Not only did starting CrossFit push me out of my comfort zone but competing did it even more. I want to see what my true human potential is, even as I age, and defy it.

What do you enjoy most about competition day?

I love the unknowns. Even though you train for certain events, you never know how your body will respond. Sometimes it does favorably and sometimes it doesn’t come through. I love what I learn from being on the competition floor.

“I want to see what my true human potential is, even as I age, and defy it”

What’s your favorite all time workout or movement?

I love chippers with lots of sub max weights!

Do you have any advice for first time competitors or people thinking about trying a competition?

Expect to learn a ton from the weekend. Don’t go in thinking you are going to win the competition, but go in trying to best what you have previously done. After all, it is all about pushing yourself because you have no control over everyone else around you.

Karla, thanks for your time.  We appreciate all the time you and your EHP athletes have spent competing at our events and everything you do to promote health and fitness in the region.

You can compete alongside Karla at our next event, the 2018 GameDay Championship in St. Paul.  Check out details below!


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