Clara Yori – CrossFit Progression

Clara Yori - CrossFit Progression

I have the pleasure of interviewing Clara Yori, CrossFit Progression in Rochester, MN. I am a coffee roaster, artist, and dog lover. I was a basketball player and heptathlete at Saint Mary's University of Winona. She most recently competed with us on team Careless Thrusters at GameDay Eau Claire.

First off, Clara what made you start competing in this sport?

I started making progress at the gym and I realized that I missed feeling like a competitive athlete. Besides a few road races, I hadn’t competed in anything in about 17 years. I finally signed up for a throwdown with some friends and now I’m hooked on competing. It makes me want to learn more skills and get better and have something to train for rather than just work out.

What do you enjoy most about competition day?

The athletes all around me with different strengths and weaknesses. You never know who is going to do what until you get out onto the floor. Sometimes people surprise you and sometimes you surprise yourself when that clock is running!

You never know who is going to do what until you get out onto the floor

What’s your favorite all time workout or movement?

My favorite movement is double unders. Dubs for life.

Do you have any advice for first time competitors or people thinking about trying a competition?

I would say start with a team of friends first. Then you can work together to make each event the best you can instead of feeling all of the pressure on yourself. But also, they’re just workouts. You do them every day you step into the gym.

...start with a team of friends first