Jake Rewald – Riverdog CrossFit

By May 15, 2019 Athletes

GameDay fans…. Meet Jake Rewald from Riverdog Crossfit!

So Jake, how did you get started with CrossFit?

My little brother got me into the gym and first introduced me to it and we started working out together! A few years later my coach got on me to try out a competition and I kept putting it off, but 2 years ago I finally gave it a try and I have been hooked ever since! This is my first big competition and it’s humbling and a great experience… I feel great out there and the energy is awesome, it keeps you wanting more!

What is your favorite thing about competition day?

The best thing about it is everyone here is like a family, the place is full of friendly faces and even people you don’t know are cheering for you and telling you great job. The community and the people make you feel like you’re back home at your home gym with your gym family. It’s the best!! I was so intimidated coming here because this is huge and there are hundreds of athletes of all skill levels here! But, you get off that floor and the biggest, baddest athletes come up to you and congratulate and compliment you and it makes you feel so great, I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

Do you have any advice for athletes on the first day of competition?

My biggest advice for people this is to stay out of your head! That’s the one thing that’s going to hold you back is if you tell yourself you can’t do it. You have to stay focused on you and don’t care about what anybody else is doing. The adrenaline really helps too! When you’re in there and hear the crowd cheering for you, you feel like you can do anything. It doesn’t matter what division you’re in, just that you’re there and kicking some butt and having a great time!

What would you say to people thinking about trying a competition?

Just jump right in and DO IT! I took too long thinking about it when I wish I would have just tried it the day my coach recommended it! I promise you, you won’t turn back! You can make it want to and you’ll get so much from it.

GameDay Mankato Results

Jake placed 17th overall in the Intermediate Individual Division with 81 points. To see more GameDay Mankato results, click below!


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