Name: Karla Wolford

Home gym: EHP CrossFit
Favorite food on event days: oatmeal and peanut butter, mangos, Metta Drink, Paleo Protein
Favorite cheat meal: It used to be Nachos, but recently it is gluten free pizza
Competitive CrossFit career highlight: The two competitions that I surpassed my expectations would be my highlights- Regionals 2016 and Fittest in Capetown 2019

You've been all over the globe recently. Could you start with the highlights of your last 12 months?

I travel for a portion of my job.  I own a CrossFit gym but I am a Sports Chiropractor.  Last year at this time I was in the South Island of New Zealand with my husband for fun!  We rented a camper van and did all sort of amazing things outdoors.  That place was amazing.
I have been affiliated with many different USA Teams but the one I have worked with the longest (a decade now) is Beach Volleyball.   Years ago I would be gone for upwards to 10 weeks out of the year.  In August I was with them in Moscow, Russia and then again in January I was in the Netherlands with them and will be headed to Rome, Italy in September.  I also sit on the Medical Advisory Board for the AVP and work domestic tournaments (Austin Texas, Seattle Washington, and Chicago Illinois) each year.  Although this travel looks glamorous, we work really long hours but I absolutely love it.  I love being a part of the Olympic movement and helping these athletes achieve their dreams.
I recently competed in Fittest In Capetown CrossFit Sanctional Event.  It was an absolute amazing experience.  With all the MN weather, we almost didn’t make it there and my luggage never made it for the competition days.  Good thing I had all the necessities with me!  I loved competing on that big stage and being challenged in so many different arenas.  The Beach WOD was so awesome (minus the bleeding hand going into the ocean where plenty of great white’s hang out).  The 400 mountain sprint was a doozy!  I have carried a lot of 100lb sandbags, but never up a mountain… and a steep one!  I will never forget that competition!  It definitely pushed my limits.

I love being a part of the Olympic movement and helping these athletes achieve their dreams.

What’s in store for you in 2019? 
Doing my best in the body that I have on that day.  I have been battling injuries, so not sure where I will be with competing. I am now a master’s athlete, so who knows?
Favorite competition you’ve ever done and why?
Probably Cape Town!  Reasons listed above
You and your EHP athletes have been competing with GameDay since 2015.  Do you have a favorite memory from any of those events?
In Mankato in 2015 I remember hitting a heavy clean, front squat and jerk at a weight I wasn’t sure I could even lift!  I was so proud of that lift!
What keeps you busy outside of training and coaching?
I love doing anything outdoors.  Just ask my husband, I am always wanting to be busy!  I love being at the lake (winter or summer), I would really like to get a snowboarding trip in at some point.  I am back in school to be a Chiropractic Acupuncturist right now, so that has taken up some brain power.  I am also busy in clinic treating patients and am getting to release a membership based sports medicine care package!
With the changes in regionals and the games, what do you think that means for competitive fitness in the next few years?
I think the change will be interesting.  At first I wasn’t so sure of the change.  Competing on a World Stage changed that.  It was definitely interesting being one of the only American’s to compete over in Cape Town.  I think the Sport will definitely grow because of this.  After spending time working with team USA, I feel like CrossFit will become similar to them and bridge a lot of world wide gaps. It does competing more interesting when you travel half way around the world to do it, but that is all a part of overcoming adversity.
Will we see you in the crowd at GameDay Mankato this year?
I hope so!