Progression Fitness – Team

GameDay fans…. Meet a team from Progression Fitness made up of Ryan, Jessica, Phil, & Kristen!

How is your team dynamic? Tell me about you guys!

Kristen: “Jess and I do A LOT of competing together! We’ve done throwdowns, other GameDay comps, and we actually met through GameDay Eau Claire last year randomly by signing up at our gym. We decided we would let the boys try to hang with us this competition, Ryan is always with us anyway and Phil didn’t have an excuse not to join us!”

What is your favorite thing about competition day?

“It’s so great to see everyone cheering for everyone. Yeah, you’re going against everyone, but it doesn’t matter because as a community, everyone wants each other to do well. With CrossFit in general, you’re always focused on just that, you don’t have to multitask or think about anything else. Everything disappears, you don’t notice the music or crowd or anything!”

What made you all start competing in this sport?

Ryan & Jess – “We started doing CrossFit after our son was born to get back into shape and show our kids a healthy lifestyle.”

Kristen – “I started with local gym stuff, but then did a bootcamp at a crossfit gym and fell in love with CrossFit that way.”

Phil – “I started when my wife joined Progression, she started getting some awesome gains and I was like ”I should really join there!”

What’s your favorite workout or movement of all time?

Jessica – “Anything that height is an advantage! Bike, wall balls, clean & jerks.”

Kristen – “Not partner deadlifts with Jess! She’s too tall for me and we get uneven!”

Ryan – “I like squatting, anything with dubs or like gymnastic type stuff I really like.”

Phil – “I like snatching, I’m not great at it but I love working on it. When you land a good snatch it feels so good!”

What is the one thing GameDay does that makes you guys feel special?

We know a lot of people involved, and having it be local and always seeing those friendly faces is great. Every competition we’ve done has been awesome, the staff and volunteers rock, and the photos you guys put out that make us look badass are so cool! It’s always such a well organized event, you don’t have to stress about anything and everything runs so smoothly.

Do you have any advice for first time competitors or people thinking about trying a competition?

Just sign up! You’re not gonna die, and you have the entire community behind you! It’s just like any other workout, just gotta show up, do the workout, and HAVE FUN! It’s awesome to have the support of your team and others from your gym as well.

Want to join in on all the action? Grab some of your friends and register now for GameDay Rochester!