Shanna Gerads

By May 7, 2019 Athletes

Hello GameDay fans, and welcome to our blog! Today we get to meet Shanna Gerads from Avon, MN. In her free time, she enjoys watching her kids at sporting events, fishing, and spending time with family.

So tell us Shanna, what made you start competing in this sport?

I have been competing for 6 years… I truly enjoy being competitive! What made me start competing was I love the challenge and I love to push myself to the limit. I started CrossFit 7 years ago, and have competed in multiple GameDay competitions since.  

What is your favorite thing about competition day?

Waiting in the athlete area before running out on the floor.  All the thoughts running through your mind: I am scared, no I am excited, wait wow I am so nervous, what if I get no repped, oh wait I have to go to the bathroom, oh man how bad is this WOD gonna hurt, what if I fail, no I got this, I can do this, alright here we go!!!  I have competed both individually and with a team and every time I am waiting to go on the floor those thoughts continue to run through my head and I LOVE it!

How do you prepare yourself for a grueling workout?

I try to mental see myself finishing the workout. Also depending on the workout I play “counting games” I breakdown the rep scheme to mentally prepare myself. I also know how awesome I am going to feel after the workout is completed and understand that pain is temporary and pride is forever!

What’s your favorite workout or movement of all time?

I absolutely love double-unders, they are my favorite! I have also learned to enjoy the barbell movements, I never lifted weights until I was 32 years old and I have enjoyed working with the barbell!

Do you have any advice for first time competitors or people thinking about trying a competition?

For those of you that are thinking of doing it, DO IT, you will never regret it.  You feel like a Rockstar and an athlete. 1st time competitors enjoy the moment and embrace the nervousness! Trust your training and be confident in yourself.  Life is short, go out of your comfort zone!

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