2017 Championship Highlights – Here’s what you missed!

By November 10, 2017 November 13th, 2017 GameDay Championship

The equipment is packed up, the crowds gone, athletes are (hopefully) recovered and we are already planning GameDay Eau Claire but to be honest, we are still riding the high of the 2017 GameDay Championship in St. Paul. We had some new competitors that blew us away with their grit and determination. We had some returning athletes who took the stage again as back to back champions and podium finishers. We had some truly inspiring adaptive athletes who competed in the finale and stole the stage with their heart and drive to push themselves beyond any limits and of course we had some athletes who competed for the first time ever and got the bug to come back for round two! We loved every minute of it and could not have asked for a better crowd, better volunteers or a better group of athletes. Here are the top finishers of the weekend!



Masters Podium Finishers:

  1. Masters: as in we are awesome – Crossfit Phos West
  2. Templar Knights – Crossfit Templar
  3. STMFC – Crossfit White Bear

Scaled Podium Finishers:

  1. Charmed and Dangerous – Timberwolf Crossfit
  2. Three Masters and a Whippersnapper – Crossfit Funky
  3. IST Bent Paddle Lollygaggers – IST Crossfit

Rx Podium Finishers:

  1. Together Again – Crossfit 701
  2. Fully Engaged – The Athlete Lab
  3. SISU – SISU



Men’s Scaled Podium Finishers

  1. Gramm Schulz – House
  2. Michael Lehman – Side Door Crossfit
  3. Arthur Minus ll – Fuagnem Crossfit

Women’s Scaled Podium Finishers

  1. Claire Williams – Union Fitness
  2. Amber Klaphake – Lifetime Woodbury
  3. Michelle Perkins – Crossfit Nordeast

Men’s Rx

  1. Brendan Willis – IST Crossfit – 2 TIME BACK TO BACK CHAMPION
  2. Gunnar Regan – Side Door Crossfit
  3. Greg Lane – Crossfit Minnetonka

Women’s Rx

  1. Karla Solum – EHP Crossfit – 3 TIME BACK TO BACK CHAMPION
  2. Autumn Spence – Proventus Crossfit
  3. Vanessa McCoy – Crossfit Marquette  


We want to thank all of our volunteers for committing their time to make this weekend a possibility; we could not do it without you!!


In addition, A HUGE SHOUT OUT to all our spectators and and supporters who helped us raise over $1200 in donations toward BarBells for Boobs. 15% of all door sales went to this cause in addition to all the donations collected in the donation boxes. We are blown away by your generosity toward such a meaningful cause. Thank you!!


Coming up next:

GameDay Eau Claire! Registration opens November 20th at 10am so mark your calendars and try not to go crazy during the holiday feasts… we’ve got competing to do! 😉



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