Exceptionally Average – CrossFit Eden Prairie and Una Stamus

Hey GameDay Community; meet Nick, Jessie, Matt, and Amy of Exceptionally Average. They represented CrossFit Eden Prairie and CrossFit Una Stamus at GameDay Mankato a few weeks ago!

When did you guys first get involved in CrossFit?

For most of us it was trying to get into a healthy lifestyle! Having kids and showing them what it means to take care of yourself and stay active while having a great time is huge for us. Half of our team has done GameDay, Nick and Matt are the newbies! We love GameDay, it’s a great organization and they make it easy on the athletes. They release the workouts early, put a ton of thought into the programming, and everything runs so smoothly.

What is the best thing GameDay does for you guys as athletes?

From our perspective, you guys make us feel like a team and it’s not necessarily focused around what each of us does individually, but how we perform together and leverage our strengths as a team. It really makes us feel like GameDay understands the importance of the team aspect, and what the camaraderie of the CrossFit community is! Even the individuals that compete are well supported by everyone in the arena, not just their gym members… Everyone is cheering for you!

What’s your favorite workout or movement of all time?

We actually really loved the workout at GameDay Mankato with the double unders and the bike (shout out to Franni!) It was a workout where you just gave it your all and just pushed until you had no more gas in the tank! Workouts and movements that require a bit of finesse or skill are fun too because they require you to be calm and focus on the technical aspects under pressure. We enjoy movements that are true separators that really push us to be better and showcase our talents!

What do you like about GameDay Competitions?

A lot of us that do GameDay make it a yearly thing and try to do as many of the comps that we can, so you start to make friends with people that you recognize often and have competed with before. So that makes it really fun and seems like it is it’s own little family within the CrossFit community! A lot of these people you never would have met with it, and now they’re good friends! The spectators are beyond awesome as well, everyone is out there cheering and making them feel so special, they really do make you feel like a Games athlete!

Do you have any advice for first time competitors or people thinking about trying a competition?

It’s a great opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone and to prove to yourself what you can do! Anytime you’re in a competitive environment like this, you get the adrenaline pumping, and excitement which really help to solidify what we are capable of and pushes you to be your best! If you’re on the fence, just give it a try! The workouts are all released early so you get that chance to practice and run through them to ease your nerves a bit. Having a team your first go-around helps to have people to push and support you through your first time as well.  It’s so fun to see your teammates do stuff out on the floor that maybe they’ve never done before, and you know you were there to help them accomplish that!

GameDay Mankato Results

Exceptionally Average placed 20th overall in the Team Intermediate Division with 95 points. To see more GameDay Mankato results, click below!


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