GameDay fans…. Meet Jordan, Noel, Karissa, and Jesse who make up the team “Kyler’s Kids”!

Tell us about your team!

We all have been trained at one point in time by one of our coaches named Kyler, so when we decided to get a team together, we wanted to name the team after him since we all had that in common. It was also pretty cool to see him competing this weekend as well, he was in the intermediate division!

This is your first GameDay Competition, what are your thoughts so far?

It has been awesome and so much fun! It was definitely a little intimidating right away, when we first walked in we were like, “this is way too official what the heck are we doing competing here?!” We all thought we wouldn’t be ones to compete here, but now that we’ve done our first ones we feel so much more confident with it! All of us hit PRs on our thrusters in that second event, and we didn’t really even notice it with how pumped up we were from all the adrenaline and excitement.

What do you enjoy about CrossFit?

We love that CrossFit is such a multi-functional sport which makes it super unique! Every workout is different, and every movement you practice requires a different skill set than the next. You can always get better fitness-wise and you’re always able to keep improving on your skills, no matter how good you get! It requires a lot of thought too, you’re constantly thinking about if your body is in the correct position, how to tackle the next part of the workout, or what weight you’re going to start a lift at.

What’s your favorite workout of the weekend?

Surprisingly, we really enjoyed the bike and jump rope combination workout. We couldn’t feel our legs afterwards, but it was such a fun and different workout! The workout that included the sandbags was also really fun as well because it’s a brand new piece of equipment that none of us have ever worked with before.

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about entering their first competition?

We say just go for it! You get the chance to practice the workouts beforehand, and even if you don’t excel at one part of it, everyone here is so encouraging and will always be cheering for you! It was so cool this weekend, there were a few times when only a few athletes were left competing, and all the other people who had finished gathered around them and cheered them on! Even people you compete against will come up and give you tips on how to improve, like before the sandbag workout, people were showing us how to properly do the movement since we’ve never done it before! We absolutely love the community aspect of it, people are so willing to help others out. It’s competitive but everyone wants to see you succeed out there on the floor! If you wait to sign up for an event until you feel like you are ready, you’re never going to do it, so just jump in! Doing your first one as a team was a huge help for us because you have that built in support system. You’re going to have a great time, and you’ll be super happy that you made the choice to compete!

Will we be seeing you guys at GameDay Rochester?

Hopefully, yes! We were actually just talking about how that could be our next team competition, we’d just have to get 2 more people and make 2 teams!

GameDay Mankato Results

Kyler’s Kids placed 21st overall in the Team Scaled Division with 204 points. To see more GameDay Mankato results, click below!


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