2017 Qualifier Workout Teasers

By July 2, 2017GameDay Qualifier

Teaser Time!

The GameDay Qualifier is fast approaching and you are probably getting antsy about the workouts for 2017! We are really excited about the format for this year and if these workouts don’t get you pumped to compete, check out these 5 reasons to do the GameDay Qualifier!

2017 will consist of 3 workouts (you probably already knew that), but the format will be different than what you are used to with online qualifiers, competitions or opens – whatever you like to call them. We are keeping it simple and only releasing 3 workouts for all divisions. That means no confusing leaderboards, no dilemmas around which age division or Rx vs. Scaled workout you should be doing. 3 workouts, everyone has to do them the same way.

We have 3 tests coming your way on July 23rd. “THE BAR”, “THE BODY” and “THE ENGINE.” All will start at a scaled level and get more and more difficult the deeper you get into the workout. Each workout will test work capacity at some level but also strength, gymnastics skill and straight up mental toughness and conditioning respectively.

See you on the leaderboard!



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