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By July 22, 2017GameDay Qualifier

Do I have to do the qualifier to compete at the GameDay Championship in November?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: It will greatly increase your chance of getting into the Championship in both Team and Indy divisions. ALL athletes who register will get an early registration link to both the team and individual competition.

Why is there only a Mens & Womens division for the Qualifier?

We designed the qualifier workouts to be universal. Each one will start with basic or “scaled” movements and get progressively harder. The goal with these is to land the right people in the right divisions. You will get as far as your current level of fitness allows – this should prove to be a fun and challenging way to separate yourself from the pack!

How many workouts are there?

3 workouts total. All will be released on July 23rd at 6:00PM, you will have until August 10th to complete them.

Do I need to take video of my workouts?

No, we ran into a TON of problems with that last year. We are trying something new, read below!

How will I validate my score?

We are calling it the “Honor System 2.0.” Here is what we are requiring to have your score validated:

    • You MUST have someone judge & count your reps. (This person will be putting their reputation & good word on the line to vouch for your performance.)
    • You MUST download, use & fully fill out our official scorecard. (It will be on our website.)
    • Take 2 pictures.
      1. A selfie with you & your judge holding a completely filled out scorecard
      2. A close up of your fully completed & signed scorecard. (Must be clearly readable.)
    • Send those pictures to qualifier@gamedaycompetitions. We will page through and make sure scorecards line up with what was entered.
    • EXTRA CREDIT: Post the selfie with your judge to Instagram or Facebook with #GameDayQualifier

When does registration close?

August 5th, 2017

Can I win prizes?

YES! View them here. Winners will be announced July 25th, 2017! Sign up early!

What is the “Affiliate Banner” thing I keep seeing?

We want to celebrate the affiliates that let us do what we do. Every gym that registers 12+ athletes for the qualifier will earn a logo banner that will be displayed in the GameDay arena for the entire 2018 season! Talk to your gym buddies, coaches and owners and show some pride for your home box!


We are excited about this year’s Qualifier & Championship. If you have any questions along the way let us know, we hope to see you there!

– The GameDay Team



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