Why do the GameDay Qualifier?

By June 28, 2017GameDay Qualifier

So this Qualifier thing.. WHY SHOULD I DO IT??

You may be asking yourself, “an online fitness competition…why would I do that?” Many athletes opt not to do an online qualifier because well, it’s online, it takes a little more time and effort to commit to a few weeks of workouts executed on your own, you don’t think it really matters since no one is really keeping you accountable and well, there will be so many other athletes partaking why would you spend the money just to get lost in the crowd of online participants??

Well, let’s break this down because WE definitely think you should register.. Here is why!

-Top 5 reasons to register for the GameDay Online Qualifier –

*DISCLAIMER.. Reading this material may result in excitement and consequently give you the urge to sign up for the GameDay Qualifier.


Reason #1 – Some pretty sweet opportunities to win prizes for you and for your local box!

Check these out!

Affiliate Qualifier Prizes:

  • Assault Air Bike
    • Register 30 or more athletes to enter drawing
  • 3-Pack PRx Men’s Olympic Barbell
    • Register 20 or more athletes to enter drawing
  • 3-Pack PRx Women’s Olympic Barbell
    • Register 20 or more athletes to enter drawing

Individual Qualifier Prizes:

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Custom T-Shirts
    • Given to top overall Men & Women
  • 10 – 1st Phorm Post Workout Stacks – Check out the STACK HERE!
    • All registered athletes are entered into drawing
      • Winners will be announced July 25th
  • 3 – Pairs of Nike Metcon 3’s
    • All registered athletes are entered into drawing
      • Winners will be announced July 25th
  • 5 – Pairs of CrossFit Nano 7’s
    • All registered athletes are entered into drawing
      • Winners will be announced July 25th
  • 5 – OSO Barbell Collars
    • All registered athletes are entered into drawing
      • Winners will be announced July 25th

Reason #2 – This is a fun and exciting way to compete against other athletes without the pressure of the event floor

If you have never competed before or this is your 50th time competing in a crossfit event, an online qualifier allows you the opportunity to see where you stack up against other athletes countrywide from the comfort of your own gym, garage or any other fitness center. Take as much time as you want to set up, warm up, no nerves, no pressure, just you and the clock. Do it to see how you measure up against others before the championship or do it just for fun. Who knows, as those scores come in from athletes all over the region, you may be surprised by how well you did! Either way, you won’t regret trying and being part of a fun community of people looking to be better than they were yesterday!


Reason #3 – A great way to grab some friends and push one another both mentally and physically throughout a couple weeks of competition.

Get the buzz going, plan your strategies with some buddies before you jump into the workout, suffer together and live to tell about it! Push yourself knowing your friends and fellow fitnessers are doing the same! These guys will hold you accountable, keep you motivated and be your biggest cheering section knowing the extent of your suffering and how hard you have worked to get to where you are! There is just something about a high five and the look of satisfaction on a friends face knowing you did this thing together, yes it sucked, but the pain was temporary and the feeling of completion and badassery far outweighs that pain!


Reason #4 – Fine tune your skills as an athlete!

If you are not really sure where you measure up against other athletes outside of your box, or you are getting ready for the Championship or another competition…this is a great avenue to see where your weaknesses may be, fine tune your skills and get motivated to train a little harder, go a little longer and be a better athlete overall. No room for hiding in the corner skipping reps, no room for dodging those grueling workouts you decide to have a rest day when they are posted, no room to fudge on movement standards (we know, we can hardly believe people would do this!) because let’s face it, when you get out on that competition floor, there is no hiding. This is where the rubber meets the road whether you are ready or not. So get those weaknesses worked out ahead if time, hone in on your skills, train to be a more efficient athlete and lock out those thrusters and snatches, get the chance to identify where you need to be stronger and faster. Challenge yourself to be better, do better and showcase your hard work because of it!


Reason #5 – Support your local box and rep your gym!

The thing we love most about crossfit is the amazing community of people that surround an athlete and support one another week to week, workout to workout. Whether you are the last athlete on the floor or the best in the gym, you’ve got a group of people backing you 100% of the way. What better way to build your community and inspire others to step outside of their comfort zone and be a better version of themselves??

PLUS did you see the Affiliate Qualifier prizes?? Some pretty sweet gear to add to your gym that you will actually benefit from! PLUS Affiliate bragging rights! We want to rep you because you repped your gym! Our goal is to wrap our entire arena in 2018 with affiliate logos. So, have 12 people sign up through your affiliate for the Qualifier and your gym’s logo with be posted on a crowd control barrier all year at each competition. Sign up 24 athletes, get 2 banners… and so on! So get those athletes on board and we will rep your gym all year long!


Reason #6 – Your participation gets you early access to the GameDay Championship registration!

Yes, we will sell out for the Championship but hey you don’t need to worry about that because your participation in the Qualifier automatically gets you early access to open registration for the individual and 4-Person (MMFF) Team divisions at the Championship! (Not all team athletes wishing to compete at the Championship need to partake in the Qualifier, one person can represent a team in the Qualifier and enter their team at early registration). So, high five to you! You do not have to sit by your computer prior to open registration along with 1000 other athletes anxious about whether you will get in or not!


There are many more reasons to compete in the Qualifier but don’t sit back and watch everyone else do it and wonder if you should have or could have. Be a part of the buzz, inspire others, discover your potential as an athlete, support your box and have some fun with friends, win some sweet prizes and push yourself beyond your believed limits! You will not regret it and you will be better because of it!


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