Erik Myran – Ring the Bell Fitness

GameDay fans…. I’m happy to introduce you to a good friend of mine; Erik Myran! He’s from Kasson, MN and is the CEO of Ring The Bell Fitness.

Tell us about yourself!

I’ve been teaching for almost 20 years, right now I teach kindergartners, 1st, and 2nd graders. I run Ring the Bell Fitness which is affordable fitness communities for adults all over south eastern Minnesota. I’m from the Rochester, MN area and have always lived in cities close to it. I love fitness! Building happy, healthy humans is kind of my ethos… whether it’s coaching, training, or teaching, I just love to see progress and help people better themselves.

How did you first get started competing in this sport?

I found out about GameDay a few years ago when I was looking for more opportunities to compete. I had heard a ton of great things about it so I decided to dive right in!

What do you do when you see a grueling workout? How do you get yourself prepared to tackle it?

Usually I just take it piece by piece and get through one part of the workout at a time. It’s the survive and advance mentality where you know if you can do one thing, you’ll be able to push through the next parts and you’ll be alright.

What is your favorite thing about competition day?

The moment right before the workout when the adrenaline is jacked up and you’re so excited but so nervous, and the moment right after when you crushed it and made it through the workout. Those two things together make it so perfect. The moments during the workout are usually tough, I like to push myself to my pain cave, but it makes those moments before and after even better.

Do you have any advice for first time competitors or people thinking about trying a competition?

My favorite thing is that you sign up, and even if you don’t think you’re ready, you’ll definitely be ready come GameDay. The one thing I’ve found is it doesn’t matter where your level is when you sign up, it’s where it is the day you get there. You’re gonna work your ass off to get ready for GameDay! If you’re with a team you have people that are counting on you, if you’re by yourself then you don’t want to be all the way at the bottom either, it really pushes you to be your best which is why i love to recommend GameDay to people.

GameDay Mankato Results

Erik’s team (Snatch Nasties) placed 6th overall in the Intermediate 4-Person Team Division with 46 points. To see more GameDay Mankato results, click below!


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