Sam Bastyr – CrossFit Progression

By September 14, 2019 September 18th, 2019 Athletes, GameDay Rochester, GameDay St. Paul

GameDay fans…. Meet Sam Bastyr of Crossfit Progression!

How did you first get involved with CrossFit?

Moved to Rochester for a job, and at the time I was just working out alone with my headphones in a gym, and I saw an ad on Facebook for progression that had a boot camp going. So I tried that out and learned all the movements and loved it, so I’ve stuck with it ever since!

What’s your favorite workout or movement?

Any gymnastics movements! My flexibility is very limited – ask anyone at the gym, haha! So any of the gymnastic movements are a lot more fun for me. It’s something that you really have to start with the basics and progress through it – it’s not something that raw strength will get you through.

Tell us your favorite things about your home gym!

I actually coach at the gym at 5am, and I also do nutrition as well! I think my favorite thing about our gym is when we do Murph, you get 150+ athletes there for a great workout, and then you all hang out and grill after and have an awesome time. People start out just as people from your class, but turn into some of your closest friends! I really love the community aspect.

What’s your favorite meal prep to do?

Whatever is easy honestly! You can never go wrong with rice and chicken, I really enjoy burrito bowls, and it’s easy to season differently each time.

So how did you get involved so much with nutrition?

I actually came from an eating disorder that I worked through for 6 years or so, and when Progression brought on their nutrition coaches I became a client for a few years. I had such great results from it they they eventually asked me if I wanted to become a nutrition coach!

What would you tell someone who is on the fence about entering their first competition?

Do a team one first! When you do it with friends it really helps to take the pressure off and you can just have fun with it. It really doesn’t matter what division you do, you’re going to have fun with them! It’s always a good time, and teams help take the initial stress off of your first comp.

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