It seems like team names get more clever every year. Your humor and wit aren't lost on the GameDay crew... well most of us anyway.

Our staff ranked the top 20 team names from the 2016 and 2017 GameDay Championships. Which would get your vote?

20 Kipping it Real
19 Wod Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger
18 Team Really High Five
17 Team Life Alert
16 Less Talkin More Chalkin
15 Not With That Attitude
14 Chalk Dirty to Me
13 Lift Wisconsinbly
12 After this, we’re getting donuts
11 Oh Kale Yeah!
10 Two Snatches and a couple of Jerks
9 One set wonders
8 AMNAPing for Time
7 PB&J Thunder Buddies
6 Code Blue
5 Slow is still moving
4 Will Lift for Donuts
3 Aggressively Average
2 Kamaniwanalaya
1 Teenage Mutant Ginger Turtles

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