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“I was so excited to compete the nerves were not even existent.”

Sonja Pearson had her first GameDay Competition and crushed it with her partner Matt. Here is her story!



“I remember counting down the days until the competition the minute I signed up. I decided to do a co-ed partner team for my first ever competition. We would spend hours in the gym everyday getting ready and sharing lots of laughs. I grew a great new friend out of my partner, Matt Bluhm, because of this competition. We now share a passion for Crossfit and a great friendship. Walking into the competition area on check in day the night before was unbelievable. I remember just smiling and feeling like I was in another world. I was so excited to compete the nerves were not even existent. The thing I remember most about the competition was that moment right before the buzzer goes off to start the WOD. The music is building up, I’m standing next to my partner, and I am just shaking with adrenaline. The most memorable moment of my first comp was in the last WOD of the day. It was the WOD that we had struggled with most and the one we knew least about. We were sprinting to try to make it back to our bar after the running portion and the buzzer went off- we were not even 50 ft away from our bars. Despite being so close to making it back, we were ecstatic to have made it as far as we did. Sweaty, out of breath, and smiling we did the closest thing to a hug two exhausted people can do. Thank you GamDay for putting on these amazing competitions and I am excited to participate as an individual this January of 2018.”

Sonja – 2017 GameDay Athelete

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