Fun, food, the smell of fitness all around.. why wouldn’t you volunteer for the GameDay Championship??

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Come on… Come hang out with us!

A whole weekend can be a whole lot of fun! I mean, think about it. You’re surrounded by a whole lotta fitness. You get to hang out with with some pretty fun, easy going characters for 2 days straight and we feed you and provide the coffee and free high fives and some sweet swag. So, the question is… why wouldn’t you want to sign up to be a volunteer at the 2017 GameDay Championship?!

Our point exactly.

If you’ve never volunteered with GameDay before or if this is your first time volunteering for a competition in general that’s totally cool! Each comp we host we welcome back some friendly faces and are excited to have newbies join us too! Don’t worry, we will prep you, brief you, feed you and make sure you have plenty of breaks throughout the day. Our staff is always available to answer questions and address any concerns you have before the athletes hit the floor. We know our volunteers are the backbone of everything we do so we want you to be taken care of and have fun in the process. So, feel free to cheer on the athletes, hand out some high fives and stick around to watch the events! Who knows maybe you will be inspired to be competitor at the next GameDay Competition!

Still not sure if you can volunteer?

Here’s some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Can you smile?
  2. Do you like to have fun?
  3. Do you enjoy Crossfit?
  4. Can you count to 50?
  5. Do you like free stuff?
  6. Do you occasionally have bad breath in the morning?

If you answered yes to these questions… according to us, you’re totally ready! And don’t worry, we will provide gum for the morning breath.

So…if you are available the weekend of November 4-5th please come join the fun! We are looking for judges, medical staff, event staff and athlete registration. Check out our signup page for more details or to join the team! We encourage volunteers to sign up for the full weekend but if one day is what you are able to do we will take that too!

Check out the signup page here!

We hope to see you at the ‘Ship!



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