GameDay Eau Claire – The Recap!

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What a weekend in Eau Claire Wisconsin! Not sure about all of you, but we are still riding the high from the weekend!  The athletes pushed it to the limits all weekend long and ended their competition weekend with a grueling thruster workout that may have left competitors swearing off Crossfit for at least a couple of days.


We have never seen a crowd so pumped than we did at Eau Claire. If the athletes felt pushed beyond their limits it is because the spectators gave them no choice but to move fast, lift heavy and leave it all on the competition floor.


What did you miss at GameDay Eau Claire? Here is the run down and podium finishers for the weekend.



Scaled Men’s

1st – Brekke, Lunch and Dinner from City of Lakes Crossfit

2nd – Jerk-Wods from Rip Wing Crossfit

3rd – CFDL from Crossfit Detroit Lakes

Scaled Women’s

1st – 2 Olson’s & a Wiesner from Fitelite

2nd – Small and Mighty from Crossfit Innerdrive

3rd – Snap, Crackle, Pop from Hybrid Farm

Intermediate Men’s

1st – Gymbronies from Fitelite/Momentum

2nd – Team Tas from Crossfit St. Louis Park

3rd – In It for the Swag Bag from Momentum and Fitelite

Intermediate Women’s

1st – Barbell Bitties from Union Fitness

2rd – Strongest from IST Crossfit

3rd – Phos Westside from Crossfit PHOS

Master’s Men’s

1st – 2014 Dakota Games Intermediate Champion & 2 other guys – Crossfit HSC
2nd – Uphills Both Ways from Fitelite

3rd – Old Wall Balls from Fitelite

Master’s Women’s

1st – Alpha Ladies from Lifetime

2nd – 2 Trees and a Bee from Momentum Sports Fitness & Crossfit St. Croix

3rd – +1 from Fitelite

Rx Men’s

1st – FittIST from IST CrossFit

2nd – The Young, The Beautiful, The Balding from CrossFit Detour

3rd – Average Bros from Crossfit Viroqua

Rx Women’s

1st – Caitlyn Rhoda Fish from FitELITE CrossFit Eau Claire

2nd – The Power Snatches from Crossfit Chanhassen

3rd – Lift Wisconsinbly from CrossFit Chippewa Falls




Scaled Men

1st – Ryan Hoffman from Elite Fitness

2nd – Nick Weiler from St Croix Crossfit

3rd – Jake Carlson from Crossfit 235

Scaled Women

1st – Sonja Pearson from Crossfit Mendota

2nd – Kristine Mower from Crossfit Viroqua

3rd – Bailey Schlough from Machine Shed

Intermediate Men

1st – Brian Straka from Elite Fitness

2nd – Owen Rieffenberger from Crossfit Brookings

3rd – Ben Klosinski from Crossfit Stevens Point

Intermediate Women

1st – Ashley Erckenbrack from Crossfit Detroit Lakes

2nd – Katelyn Shaaf from Kato Crossfit

3rd – Brook Northfield from Union Fitness

Rx Men

1st – Brian Burr from Crossfit HSC

2nd – Jackson Sorrells from Elite Fitness

3rd – Rob Avery from Hybrid Farm (Crossfit Rice Lake)


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Coming up next is GameDay Mankato in Mankato, MN! Team and Indy divisions in Masters (Teams only), Scaled, Intermediate and Rx. Registration opens on February 12th at 10am. DO NOT BE LATE TO SIGN UP! We always fill up in Mankato so be ready to register at GO time!


More info at http://gamedaycompetitions.com/gameday-mankato/

GameDay Mankato

More Info Here!

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