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GameDay Firsts

It’s a feeling that is like none other. It deserves a high five, a scream and huge fist pump, maybe a leap of joy, a few profanities, hey we won’t judge. However you react, it’s a feeling you cannot describe. One of the best feelings as an athlete, a moment you want to share with anyone who will listen. It’s the first time you hit a goal in weightlifting, a PR, a muscle up, a pull up or double under. It’s the first time you went upside down and got a handstand push up, the first time you were able to run a mile without stopping, the first time you got the courage to do a box jump and you nailed it (not the box). Those moments, those “firsts,” those are the moments in competitions we love the most.


The atmosphere is ripe for these kinds of moments. We have seen athletes hit a muscle up for the first time, a chest to bar, a rope climb, a PR. We have had the opportunity to host competitions where athletes are competing for the very first time, jitters and all. They jump on that event floor and the feeling is incomparable. These are the moments athletes share with their families and friends and kids that are watching, even if you don’t take first place at a competition, that feeling when the crowd erupts and your family and friends cheer you on like you just won the superbowl, ya… that’s pretty damn awesome!


We want to hear your stories. We want to celebrate you, your GameDay First.

If you have ever had one of these moments at a GameDay Competition, please share your story with us!

Send us an email at info@gamedaycompetitions.com with your GameDay First. If you have any video or pics of that moment, we would love to see those too!

GameDay Eau Claire is coming up soon, who knows… maybe you will have another first to kick off the new year!



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