Plan Ahead for GameDay Mankato!

So, GameDay Mankato is just around the corner. Literally a week away. We are pretty darn busy preparing an event that you can count on to be exciting, organized and just plain ‘ol fun! The kind of fun that reminds you why you started crossfit in the first place!  


If you are returning to Mankato for another year of excitement or jumping in for the first time, this year is looking to be even more revved up and plump full of opportunities to kick some serious butt on that competition floor. Whether your eyes are set on that podium or you just want to leave the weekend knowing you did your best and worked your heart out every second of every workout, the stage will be set… all you gotta do is show up!


Before you come to hang out with us for the weekend here are a few things that may be helpful for you and for your friends and fam that will be joining us for GameDay Mankato.



  1. Plan to be at one of the scheduled check in times with your ID in hand and waiver signed.
  2. Plan to attend or view the live briefing on Friday evening at 8:15pm.
  3. Plan to bring with you rollers, PVC pipes, wrist wraps, tape, jump ropes, knee sleeves, protein, supplements, tiger balm, tents, lawn chairs, coolers, your nine different pairs of shoes and clean socks and anything else you need to warm up and get you through the workouts.
  4. Plan for the events to be on time and heats to run as scheduled.
  5. Plan to park near the field house in any parking lot available.
  6. Plan to stay on the event floor until the last athlete has finished and give out plenty of high fives, we love the spirit of encouragement and community that comes with each and every event!
  7. Plan to say hi! If you see a staff member, we’d love to meet you and say hello! (as long as you are not sweaty and stinky from a workout 😉


  1. Plan for the doors to open at 7am both Saturday and Sunday to spectators and athletes.
  2. Plan to pay $15 per day to get in to the events (kids 18 and under are free)
  3. Plan to stick around for lunch! We will have a food vendor at the event but there are many food options within walking distance including Chipotle, Noodles, Piology Pizza,  Jimmy Johns, Caribou, Johnny B’s and more.
  4. Plan to bring cash to shop around at our vendor village! Many vendors will be set up for the weekend so stay awhile and shop around!
  5. Plan to get in the spirit of the competition and cheer your heart out! The more the merrier, the louder the better!


GameDay Mankato is just around the corner, we will be ready…will you!?!


See you all soon!

Coming up June 9th - GameDay Minneapolis

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