So What is This Online Qualifier All About?!?

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So what is this Qualifier thing all about? Here are all the detes you need to know!

  1. Do you have to participate in the online qualifier to compete at the Championship in November?

In short, no. However, if you want early access to registration (which you totally do because this event will SELL OUT!), participating in the qualifier will get you an early registration link (which is the best way to ensure you get in).

You get a chance to sign up before anyone else for both team and indy divisions! If a team wants early access the the Championship, only one person from the team needs to participate in the qualifier.

Better chance of getting in to the end of the year party? No brainer, sign up for the qualifier!


  1. Why are there no division breakdowns when you sign up?

Thanks for asking, let us explain! The qualifier workouts are all-inclusive. That means each workout will be feasible for all divisions. How far you get in each workout is where individuals can create separation on the leaderboard.

This helps us plan the upcoming season (2019) a whole lot better. Getting the right weights assigned to the right divisions takes data, and YOUR workouts help us get it right! The goal with these is to land the right people in the right divisions. You will get as far as your current level of fitness allows – the break down looks like this. The top 1-20 athletes on the leaderboard will sign up for Rx during registration. The next 21-40 will sign up for intermediate. Athletes after the top forty on the leaderboard will be open to sign up for scaled.

Master’s Athlete? We WILL HAVE INDY MASTERS 35+  at the ship, and it will be open registration after the qualifier. Participating in the qualifier will help us plan that division too.

*Adaptive athletes are always welcome to participate in the Qualifier. Email for more info!


  1. How many workouts are in the Qualifier?

3 – easy peasy!

Workouts will be released August 6th, 10th and 15th.

Workouts are due back by August 24th.


  1. How will I validate my scores?

Instructions for submitting & validating scores will be emailed out after registration. We’ve partnered with WODCast, and this year submitting and validating will be a breeze!

*Videos will are only necessary upon request. So make sure to video your workouts but do not upload it unless we ask.


  1. What kind of prizes are we talking about?

Some pretty sweet ones…

  • 1st Place Mens & Womens – FREE spot at the SHIP & Condor Plate Carrier w/Plates
  • 2nd Place Mens & Womens – FREE spot at the SHIP & Condor Plate Carrier w/Plates
  • 3rd Place Mens & Womens – FREE spot at the SHIP & Condor Plate Carrier w/Plates

*Pick up at the GameDay Championship November 4th equipment will be slightly used from the competition.

  • Affiliate Banners – each gym that signs up 10 athletes gets to proudly display their logo in our 2019 arena!
  • Affiliate that registers the MOST ATHLETES gets a discount code for all of our 2019 events


Here is what’s at stake for ANYONE who registers. (These will be given away drawing-style after the qualifier is over)

  •  3 Free Competitions in 2019 – WOAH!
  • $20 FitAid Gift Cards x 18
  •  Yeti Mugs x5
  • Blonyx HMB+Creatine x3
  • Reebok Nano’s x2
  • Concept 2 Bike Erg


  1. Explain more about the affiliate banner…

We appreciate the support from our affiliates and want to rep you at each of our competitions! Any gym that registers 10+ athletes for the qualifier will earn a logo banner that will be displayed in the GameDay arena for the entire 2019 season, so spread the word, get those athletes signed up and rep your gym at GameDay Competitions all year long!

We could not be more excited for this year’s qualifier and to see each one of you at the Championship! Have fun tackling those workouts and we will see you the first week in November the the GameDay Championship 2018!


If you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email at


-GameDay Team

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    SO awesome! I’m excited! Wondering what time the workouts will be released on Monday? I’ll be traveling during the last week and will need to do the final workout on Monday after it’s released. Thanks!

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